Two Great Freeware Utility For Fast File Copy

By default in windows explorer, file copy paste program are being used by the user for copy , paste or move any file or program . So there is no need to say anything about in windows how to copy or paste any file for transfer or safely stored in other devices.
Even an ordinary PC user also know for copying any file right click on it and just select copy then paste it where to stored or keep that file. Yesterday I had faced a problem for doing such kinds of similar task. It was about transferring a large file to my friends thumb drive. My friends asked me to send him a file by the flash drive. It was, windows 8 developer preview image file. Original sizes of this file was around 4.83 gb. I was facing little bit problem for sending this large file as copy paste by using windows default explorer. It was shockingly very slow. And finally I stopped using it. Then I try to find out on google how to copy a large file very fast in windows? Then as I was so lucky enough able to manage Two great fast file copy utility for this problem. Here I am giving small description about these two great utility for fast file copy in windows.

Two Great Freeware Utility For Fast File Copy

Tera copy:

If you have option for moving very large file such as another drive to another then this great free utility will help you to move huge number of files within a click. It can copy a full drive to another drive or any removable media. So what you need to do just download and install this utility. I am using it now for file copy fast and not only for large file but also a full drive can be moved by this utility. Another great option is that while doing and moving or copying large number of files if you found that your CPU is performing slow then just pause file copy. It can be resumed when you have finished doing other works on computer. In default copies paste program in windows you cant select pause option while copying file. So I hope it will give you full function for moving any file. On the other hand while any bad or corrupted file which cannot be copied in windows explorer but by this utility can skip that file and later will show you the details of not copying file names and then you can choose another program or option for copying that file. At last what I like to say that while I choose it for copying the windows image file it was taken only two minutes for completes on the other hand my windows default copy paste program would have taken normally 20 minutes

Two Great Freeware Utility For Fast File Copy

Download: Tera Copy


Another great tool for file copy fast. I have chosen it for its worthy feature such as resume capabilities and it can support large number of files. It will save your copy paste time in windows while other program will take long times.  For  getting most benefit you can customize its copy speed and minimize it in system tray. You can choose what to do if there is copying error. For large number of files its very easy to copy, move, transfer file from windows to any other media. Super copier supports two language french and English.  The great thing is its free to use as tera copy.
Download: Super copier

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