How to Add Refresh Command On Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop Screen As Windows

Are you Linux lover? May be recently you have moved from windows to Linux and after having Ubuntu 11.10 version installed on your PC, probably found one of the most common Refresh command is missing on ubuntu Desktop
So you cant refresh on desktop as you did on windows. You are very fond of Linux and don’t wanna back to windows anymore. If there is no Refresh command on desktop right mouse click, you probably miss the opportunity to make your system program run faster. You may find some program never respond so quickly or on the other hand you may find PC is going to be Little bit slow at that kinds of moment Refresh command is very needy. Okay guys I hope that i might help you to get back the Refresh command in the right click context menu of Ubuntu 11.10. Lets take a look what you will need to do for get Refresh on Your ubuntu Desktop.
For this feature you have to use Nautilus. It will help you to add Refresh on your ubuntu Desktop. Currently I am using it on my ubuntu 11.10 here it is how to add by Terminal command: Press CTRL +ALT + T

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dr3mro/nautilus-actions-extra
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nautilus-refresh

Okay guys i hope you have successfully installed nautilus . So Restart your computer or log out and log in again and run this following command

nautilus -q

You have successfully added Refresh command to right click context menu in Ubuntu 11.10 As windows.

Some of the new user may don’t know how to use Terminal so for them i like to say You have to give all those three command as single and you need to press enter three times with admin password and you may find out that password is not showing but actually it worked so don’t panic if you are not able to see your password.

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