Send Free Sms From Gmail To Any Mobile

I had given couple of post for sending free sms to any mobile . But that kinds of sites are  not so much reliable to send free sms and sometime they stop giving free sms service.
Even though there is a lot of hindrance for sending free sms from online, at this time Most reliable and giant google client Gmail has bring out free sms service to any mobile. Now you can send free sms from GMail. Don’t you believe that? Yeah its true and its not fake. I have tried few times for sending free sms to my friends, relative and every time i was successful. Here it is how you need to configure your Gmail settings before enable this free sms service.

Send Free Sms From Gmail To Any Mobile

Go to Gmail account. From the top right hand side select labs then find out :
SMS (text messaging) in Chat and SMS in Chat gadget then Enable these two and apply save changes.
From now at the chat section select your chat partner and choose send sms then select number and send sms. 
That’s it.

At this moment you cant send free sms to all countries. Here is the supported countries mobile list that you need to check before sending free sms

Using this new feature,  You can send free SMS to your friends in the US and many countries around the world

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