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Hi guys it’s a pretty good sign that so many useful readers already come to this site for reading new technology news and blogging tips. So it will be very pleasant to see in future this blog has a lot of subscriber.
You know at present there are many blog and many post but we have no time to visit all the blog pages and see whats the new post are published. If you are very fond of reading various blog like me or if you are new in blogging arena then i may help you to find out the easiest way to read all kinds blog pages without any subscription or directly visit the blog. You may think i will tell you to do settings in your GMail or ask you to download the pages full. No i am not going to tell you like that. Then guess what you need to do? Actually by this tricks not only a general web surfer will gonna get benefit but also a newly blogger who want to set up his or her life in blogging profession will be benefited too. Okay now you may very curious to know how to read all the blog pages without any registration? What you need to do is just install a small software which is called feedreader. This tiny software will help you to read blog post when any new post will be  published and you can choose which kinds of blog you like to read.  You can customize the feed or manage feed according to your choice. Its a great software for manage blog post and update all blog post within a very short time.  When you will miss any new post for any of your favourite blog, you can read it by this feedreader. So now i will show you

How to add feed for reading blog post?

Go to any of your favourite blog. Now find the rss feed link. Then copy this link to add feed section in your installed feed reader. You can add many blog feed link as you want. Now after successful add you can see the blog post are showing at the feed reader reading section one by one.

Here you just start reading or keep it for reading later. You can go to the blog page directly from the feed reader blog post page. So if you like to visit the page, you just click reading from the original blog. Now let me tell you

Why feed reader is very important for you?

You know now a days blogging is not a hobby for all, some of the great blogger have been doing blogging as their own profession. So if you like to take blogging as a profession then you must need to know what other blogger are doing. Every time you cant check your email or go to the blog page for reading post but if you have such kinds of software then you can arrange all your favourite blog to keep here and then just read from here. By this method you will not miss any new post and most importantly you can read all blog post within a same place. This gonna be very helpful for ordinary blog surfer too. If your habit is reading new post and new news about technology without any hassle just install feedreader and try read blog post from it. I need to repeat that if you are lack in blog reading then you will be lack in tech knowledge too. There goes a nice word that the more you read the more you learn. So what i say that if you like to become a good blogger just apply this method. Who knows one day you can become like as Darren Rowse so guys no more today see you in my next post. Download: Download feedrederversion:3.14 Support:Windows xp,vista, 7

Okay guys you don’t find our feed link just click here and subscribe or insert this feed link to your favourite feed reader.

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