Can I chat in Google Talk As Invisible ?

Many of us have Google Talk. We have this account for talking with our Gmail Account holder. who have this id can talk each other pretty easily. But Can we go offline while we chat online in Google Talk? Mind the word : ” Chat in Offline Mood” Do you ever try this? I hope when you have chosen for offline mood in Google talk, you have faced no option for go on offline chat in Google Talk. Am i right? So Is it possible for us to use Google talk in Offline Mood? Here is the solution:

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Chat on Google Talk in Offline Mode


Why we need to go for offline mood in Google Talk? Because some time we need to avoid unnecessary talk to our chat buddies and we need to concentrate our online task while chat in google Talk. So in that case we have the option to set custom message such as busy, away from pc, Don’t disturb, Or idle such kind of custom messages can be set but this method does not mean that you are not in offline. So if  you like to go invisible with offline mood what can you do? That means you can see the person online but they will not see you even you are online. This is called invisible method in Google chat. So Do you like to chat in invisible in Google talk now? Here you go and Download Google Talk Labs Edition. This is the Labs Edition which allows you to use Google chat in Invisible method. So you can see by staying hide yourself who has sign in or sign off in google Talk Messenger.
So enjoy Google Chat in online but staying invisibly…..

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