Android application lover ? Here 50 Great Android applications for You

Android application in mobile has given free open source facilities which is building up its device application much more popular than the other OS. Why android? What is it ? Okay according to its developers what is android

Now Lets Browse Top 50 Android Applications For Smart phone

1.Advanced Task killer:
This application will help you to remove any application and if you want to reinstall any of them this app will do for you. It is also known as ATK. I highly recommend you to use this app  for controlling huge application of your smart phone

2.Lookout Security:
This is must for your android phone, Why who knows when your favourite smart phone will treat with you wrongly for virus or malicious program? So to keep your phone free from virus then this app is the best choice for you.

Currently Blogging is most popular. So this useful app blogger will help you to publish, edit while on the go. You can try also Blogaway or Bloggeroid as similar apps.

4.Flash player 10.1:
This is a crying need app for  full web browsing  with  excellent  video, games and interactive content. Make your web browsing smart.

5.skyfire web browser:
A complete solution for full web browsing facilities with flash. Most downloaded and smart apps.

6.Facebook For android:
Stay connected with facebook friends share your feelings to your facebook friends most easily.

7.Google skymap:
Find out whats happening in sky with google sky map. Don’t miss it and try to find night sky’s map in your pocket.

8.Talk to cloud:
Best application for speech to speech translation. it can translate in 7 language . more over you can send the translation as sms.

9.Goggle Goggles:
This is one of the most advanced searching capabilities in google. You can search by taking pictures through google image recognition system

10.Floating Images:
To create most creative wallpaper this app  is the right choice for you. An amazing application for managing images. You can float your images on mobile screen.

When you need a taxi this application will help you to find taxi. This is most useful for foreigner while on travel.

12.Astro File manager:
Only the problem is this is not adds free.On the other hand this an excellent stuff for your Mobile file management.

Do you like to know where is your Friends now? Exactly know your Friends location using this application. By using this app you and your friend can easily meet together at the same place , there is no need to be worried about meeting place to meet with if commandro is enable. lnk not work sorry update link will published later

14.Opera mini:
Fastest web browsing on the mobile. If your Internet speed is not good or your mobile device is not fast then use this browser to increase your browsing speed.

15.Cooking capsule:
To learn cooking this is an excellent apps. Start cooking and share the food image through your smart phone .

16.Pic say:
If you are looking for most powerful photo editor then this pic say is for your right choice. this is what will mitigate what you need.

If you like to make a call using mobile web with skype than this is ideal for you to use. Chat and call to your skype buddies. This is the best application for using skype voice call and chat.

18.A trackdog (sd):
Check the newly installed application and find out which application is need to update. Its most essential for installing and updating application to your smart phone device.

19.Zynga poker:
Play online Texas Hold’em Games on your Smart phone. currently most popular online Games for your android phone.

20.Daily Chinese:
To learn Chinese this is the best app to you. It is designed to tech you Chinese language by adding eight category such as greetings, eating, shopping, traffic…

21.UK driving theory:
This app will tech you how to drive taxi in UK. More unfortunately this app is not free to you. You have to pay few dollars to use this but although a paid version its pretty helpful to know driving rules and regulations properly.

22.Italian verb:
Try learn Italian verb after install this app. I can guarantee you that after use this app you will be boss of this language.

23.Shop savvy: link not available will be update later
This is a smart solution for buy online. Just enter the products bar code and search you will find the product info and price details . Most useful app for online shopping.

Serchify will do many things for you such as : translation, unit conversation, calculation,calender entries just type on it and you will get the results.

If you feel bored with normal pdf viewer than this app is the right choice for you. Here you can read the pdf files and with attachments with desktop quality. so don’t miss it grab it now.

26.Dolphin Browser:
Same like opera mini but here some extra features are include such as more fast than opera mini most reliable nice and rich interface. It has theme pack support option , multi touch and tabs view etc.

27.Google Voice:
This is a new service from google. You can use your phone number to call some one using google voice. so if you have google voice number then you can send sms and receive sms and receive call from the web.

28.Action complete:
This is advanced app to make your task organised and complete. This app will help you to complete your important task and appointment properly. A highly useful app i must say.

29.Net counter:
This is most suitable for Rss reader to read the feed.why i suggest you to use this because you can download the feed while you use wifi after download the feed you can read it offline when you are not connected online.

30.Wave secure:
This is for mobile security.Similar as lookout but here you will get complete solution for protect your mobile. such as:Track SIM changes, lock, backup, wipe & restore your data.

31.Places directory:
its a pretty useful app to know the places where you are and you can view the place using google map. why u need to use this because you can see distance and directions to the destination.

Don’t lost yourself. if so never mind you have compass.most useful and poplar android application.


33.Ever paper:
This is like a copy a web site and you can read the site after going offline mode. its a such browser where you can choose page to save yourself.

Listen online radio with this stuff and make yourself happy with online music.

35.Dropbox free:
What a nice app for upload your cool file from your mobile. So you can manage your file and stored in online via your android phone now, pretty cool isn’t it?

36.Weather channel:
Know properly what is the condition of the weather ? When you come out side at the morning this app will help you to provide you the details info for the weather condition of the the day.

To keep running your everyday task this app is the best. This application also known as Android’s Simple Task Recording Dashboard.


Dont feel bored. Neoside lite such kinds of games which is specially made for your android device. Don’t forget to install this nice games to your hand phone.

Live video footage is now in your pocket. Qik will help you to show you all the live video and sports coverage. you can’t miss any live broadcast using this app.

40.Angry Birds:
This is the currently most downloads gaming application currently on top of the app brain. So try to play this game? Just install and feel the changes.

41.German verb:
Learn how to speak in German language by this app. Very nice apps to tech you German .

42.Human Japanese:
This is the app which will tech you Japanese. So are you looking to learn this then go for it.

A smart application which will help you to chat with all IM client, most of the sites such as facebook, msn,google talk, yahoo etc.

44.Fluent English:
We know how much tough it is to learn English language. So this is the app so try it now and install and start learning English.

45.Chinese helperer:
Knowing the app name you may be understand really  what does the application stand for? Yes for learning Chinese this is a nice app to teach you.

46.English dictionary wordnet:
May be there are many dictionary you have seen but this dictionary tool is quite different you can find word with proper use of sentence and convert it to other language very easily.

47.French verb:
To learn French this is for you. exactly what you looking for to learn French. here is the solution for you .

This is not only a android apps but also symbian and blackberry phone device also can use this app.Why you need it because it will help you to chat with your smart phone.

49.Unit converter:
Convert your currency now, this is most downloads  app so try it to check your countries currency now.

This is popular translator. Updated with text to speech facilities. Most downloaded and useful app. Try it now.

Here i have given Top 50 best most usage android application details. May be some of the application has the Little bit similarity functions but at the end it will be your nice collection to know which is the best android application that  most of the smart phone user are using. I hope it will extend the smartness of your mobile and boost up your mobile usages tremendously. If above applications are not enough to complete the list please don’t forget to add another new application through comment. Enjoy your mobile with android.

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