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Hi guys,I hope everything is  all right.Today I am back again with Facebook tip.This is very useful tip for those who like to check Gmail all the time.You know Facebook is most popular now.But another Most popular online based Gmail service has given a facilities to check Facebook and twitter Account.Its a pretty good opportunity for social networking users.Okay lets check it out here

How to Check Facebook From Gmail


To Enable this settings You have to open Gmail Account .
Then Go to Settings lab>Enable Add any gadget by URL and save it.
Now go to settings then Gadget
All right,now type ig/gadgets/file/ 104971404861070329537/facebook.xml write this address and click off button.
Now you can see facebook at the left hand sides of your Gmail.
Here you can log in using your facebook user name and password.
You may get it as mobile edition .Try it to see big screen click Expand.

I hope this tip will be very useful to you.Enjoy using Facebook from Gmail.

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Author:faridul islam

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