Control Other Pc Using Remote Access From google Chrome

Guys we everybody knows about Team viewer and How this program works for remotely access to other computer now at recent time we can do it by using our favourite Google chrome browser. To access other PC we just need to activate a google chrome extension.
To have this option both PC must have google chrome browser and google standard Email id or Google apps id. So Its a pretty cool to teach your friends or any other person who have lack in Technical knowledge and want to upgrade himself by the help of others. So guys there is no need to do any late , now lets see

Control Other Pc Using Remote Access From google Chrome

First of all go to this link and install Chrome Remote Desktop to your google chrome browser. May be all of you are using  Chrome Remote Desktop BETA But there are many person as like me never use this extension yet. So I hope if you are like me after this tune will likely to use Google Chrome. Now lets see the Top features of Remote Desktop Chrome:

>Its a Remote Technology and User can submit Feed back
>The data Can be transferred from other Computer Only Using One Time Code Access
>This is a Cross Platform apps So It can be Run in All windows Version Such As : Windows 7,Linux,Mac OS Etc
>Google Talk Technology is being used For exchanging Data and Information

Now lets take a look What kinds of thing we need to run this extension in our PC There is nothing much more just both user must have this chrome browser with this extension installed and smooth Internet Connection. Download And Installed this extension from here (9.1.mb ;) )

Now click on  Add to Chrome and sign from your Google mail .Now you will see it will be download and installed. Next window will be appear like this below:
Click  Continue
Click  Allow Access
click share ;) 
This is a 12 Digit code which you have to delivered to your partner for using ..
Now click only Connect
This is The Google chrome Remote Desktop with connecting other Computer. That’s it.

For any kinds of help click here. This is helpline for you to utilize this function properly. :PTo view user review for this apps click here. HAVE A GOOD DAY….

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