Schedule email to be sent later easily Using Boomerang

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How To Schedule an email Using Boomerang For Gmail

In specific day or time you need to give mail to someone but you cant connected with net. In this case, you are to send the mail before the time of occasion. But how about to send the mail in mean time in spite of disconnect with net? yes you can do this using Boomerang, which support Google chrome or FireFox to send this kind of Schedule mail. At first you have to install boomerang plugin, from this and restart your browser. Now click in Boomerang  the top of GMail in right side and then click Allow to do authentication. Now, compose your mail and click in save now  to save the mail. At this stage, select the time of sending the mail to click in Send Later  Drop down. You will see the Processing Massage and the mail will send in meantime. If any kind of reason before the sending mail  you want to change the time or send immediately, or to omit then click in Boomerang  the top of GMail in right side and click Reschedule>Send Now or Don’t Send  button.  At last what i like to say that you are not to be worried about any busy days or the day when you will remain disconnected from net , your important mail will be send by this cool stuffs. So try it now and try a test mail to me. Lol…..

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