Disable windows Auto Update Forever In Xp ,Vista ,Seven

We know that to fix windows all kinds of Bug, security system update  and update most of the driver , windows update is very much compulsory. But what if after finishing all necessary windows update, if i turn off the auto update option permanently?
I mean after having all kinds of necessary driver being updated and having no more issue in windows that cause any problem to run any software or program, we can stop updating any more further to save bandwidth and start up or  turn off time of windows .

Disable windows Auto Update Forever In Xp ,Vista ,Seven

 Most probably, we , who are using limited Internet connection don’t like to waste the Internet data for only updating windows. So even some time windows update can fix security issues and made windows more faster but it can cost huge bandwidth that limited Internet users will not want to. So what i am trying to say that if you are in no problem mode or feel better on current windows performance then you can stop auto windows update options. So when you will connected with Internet your windows PC will never start auto update. Thus you can save time and stable in windows apps that you are using because some time after windows update some of the applications never work properly too. Even it seems wired but this thing is happened to me many times. So at last what i have done is i update my windows as long as i can run my necessary application without any issues then i permanently stop automatic Update windows.Lets Find out How To Disable windows Auto Update Forever In Xp ,Vista ,Seven

On Windows Xp

 1. Stop the “Automatic Updates” service. Navigate to Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services:

Automatic Updates service screenshot 

Right click the Automatic Updates service and stop it. You can also do the same thing at the command line by typing: net stop wuauserv or you can type this, which does the same thing, and is a little easier to remember: net stop “automatic updates” After the service is stopped, the nag message stops, too. Then you can reboot when you have time. The service will restart when you reboot.

 2. Modify Group Policy settings. Start, Run “gpedit.msc” to bring up the group policy editor. Then navigate to the folder Local Computer Policy Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Windows Update

Windows Update group policies screenshot

 There are two settings and both will work, so it’s your choice. Either enable No auto-restart for schedule Automatic Updates installations

On Windows Seven and Vista

Go to Control panel
System and Security Then Go To administrative Tools
Open it
Click on Services

Find Windows Update right Click on it and select Properties
Disable and apply. See the image Below

I have followed those method to disable auto windows update on xp vista and seven . To Disable in windows Eight we can follow the above method too


In order to save Internet bandwidth you can apply those method to disable windows update. But if you have no problem on Internet data and connection speed, then we strongly recommend you to keep this option as secondary choice. You should not stop windows update feature unless you know about your system very well and its application.

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