Working method run snow leopard 10.6.6i hazard iso on Intel PC (hackintosh ) Part-3

Working method run snow leopard 10.6.6i hazard iso on Intel PC (hackintosh ) Part-3

You must read Install Snow leopard 10.6.6i hazard ISO on intel pc part 1 
and  Install Snow leopard 10.6.6i hazard ISO on intel pc part 2 well guys i hope you have completed installed mac on windows intel pc succssefully. Now we should get back windows 7 and let boot pc from windoes 7 boot loader.

Working method run snow leopard 10.6.6i hazard iso on Intel PC (hackintosh ) Part-3

Things We Need

  1. 1 Ubuntu/Mint Live CD
  2. 1 Windows 7 DVD
  3. Easy BCD Edit

  1. At first, boot from Ubuntu live cd & open gparted (Applications >> Accessories >> GParted Partition Editor)
  2. You’ll notice that your Mac partition has boot flag. Remove boot flag from Mac OS X partition & give boot flag to Windows Partition.
  3. Close gparted & reboot.

Now you’ll boot from Windows 7 Boot Menu. But Windows 7 won’t boot yet because of some error. and you can see windows 7 is not  booting up but some time even editing boot flags using gparted unable to boot in windows and shows the message that boot manager corrupted. Even this mesage shows also still we can repair boot manager. now insert windows 7 DVD andboot from windows 7 dvd. here while install option ome click on repair. That time command prompt dialogue box will pop up and here write down the below commands

1) type: diskpart

2) type: select disk 0

3) type: list volume (You’ll see your Windows 7 DVD’s Drive Letter Here. Suppose my drive letter is J)

4) type: exit

5) type: cd.. (dot dot)

6) Now write your Windows 7 DVD’s drive letter & colon & enter.As my drive letter was J I will type J: (J & : then enter )

6) type: cd boot

7) type: bootsect /nt60 SYS /mbr

 After apply above steps you will see the boot manager is updated successively message come out. That means you can boot from windows 7 now.
But if you are not so expert in cmd command dont need to boot using windows 7 DVD. There are one more easy option have to get back windows 7 on start up boot. So insert windows7 first image disk and boot from it. It will ask you to install windows 7 from system image or use system to repair. You don’t have to select any opfion at all. after boot with this image pc will automatically repair boot manager. so just click on exit only. restart pc and you can see windows 7 has appear. Log in to windows 7 now after log in we have to get back mac boot menu in boot loader.

To do this we need to install easy bcd.Now we have to get back Mac. To do this

1)Download Easy BCD Edit
2) Click Add New Entry.
3) Select Mac from the top panel
4) Choose your desired name & select EFI (Default) & press Add Entry.
5) Go to edit Boot Menu & Save it.  resartt pc again this time you will see mac osx has appear on boot menu just select it and you will successfukky enter one of the fastest advanced OS in the world. For me i can use app store ichat and internet. but for the first time it shows ntfs driver unable to mount. and i install this driver after that okay ready. i can use ntfs usb drive too now after install that. sound is pretty good and safari was too first to me. but still Bluetooth and wifi is not working. i have to wait for that. Other than all are nice to me and i am enjoying mac on my intel notebook with windows 7

All Completed! Enjoy your Mac!

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