Do you like to know when a twitter user go sleep?

Twitter IconHi friends, You can use twitter now for control your pc right?In This post today let me know you when do twitter users go for sleep?its very interesting isn’t it? Because now you can know when do twitter users go sleep? without asking them this directly? its very funny.Let us do little bit fun more.If you have a lots of friends in twitter and you willing to know their sleeping status, so you can guess how long they uses twitter and pc in everyday? so may be now you are a bit hurry to know this tip, wait today I am gonna share this funny tip to you.

when twitter users go sleep?

twitter is very popular micro blogging every user update their status and share this status in various social networking sites. so if you wanna make fun a bit with your friends,  you can do that if you wanna keep record of their status. how can you do that? its very simple. just do as i tell you.
For getting this funny info – what you have to do is – go to the sites then give twitter user name & click when do they sleep? after clicking here all kinds of information such as  twitter users previous update status, update time and living status list will appear to you.
now after analyzing all of these it will give you a probable sleeping time of that user.
using this you can know users full name, picture, living places, towns etc. from twitter.

so you may be now want to know when I go to sleep? if you want to know this just follow me on twitter.

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Author:faridul islam

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