Post Your Tweet In Facebook And Twitter Together?

Hi guys, Now a days may be you are too busy and cant manage your time for update post on Facebook regularly. Don’t be worried ! If you are a twitter user you can tweet your post both twitter and Facebook at the same time.

That means if you do any post in twitter it will automatically be posted also in Facebook.

So you can tweet facebook and twitter together.You don’t need to log in Facebook for update a post. Its a time saving system for you. You update your post from twitter in Facebook without log in to Facebook.

So now let me show you

How to tweet in Facebook from twitter?

So please follow these few steps below:

1.First of all click here.

2.Now click on Allow button
3.Now click check box of the Facebook Profile

4.Now if Facebook ask your permission from you click Allow
5.It may 2nd time ask you for permission so click allow again

6.Now you are done.

From now if you tweet  from twitter it can be shown on your Facebook profile also.If you face any problem comment here.I’ll try to give you the solution.

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