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Hi guys, How is going on now a days! I hope everything is fine. Its been a long time I was looking for something on Google about language on online web.You know that In online now a days by the great help of Google translation tools we can translate any language to English.

But its still a matter of sorrow for the Bengali language people that still google can not translate Bangla to English.
so if you want to translate something from Bangla to English language, you cant able to do so.Because this facilities is not available on Google.

Bangla to English Translation’s problem solution

Today i am going to give a solution for it even though not 100% but you can translate a language from English to Bangla. You may ask a question is it possible to translate English to Bangla ? The answer from myself is yes you can do so. But not in offline you have to go online. Now you may ask again how?

How to translate English to Bangla

Okay its not so tough for you. You have to go this URL and submit your English word or sentence and hit the translate it will take few seconds to process your request. Few seconds later you can see the translated word in Bangla.
Here is an Example:


Google free online translation support over 50 languages without Bangla.[According to wikipedia

Google Translate is a free statistically-based machine translation service provided by Google Inc. to translate a section of text, document or webpage, into another language.

The service was introduced in 2007. Prior to that Google used a SYSTRAN based translator[1] which is used by other translation services such as Babel Fish, AOL, and Yahoo.[source:]

Now you can translate any English language to Bangla. But the problem is this website will not give you 100% accurate translation as your expectation. Even though its not perfect but from me i can get a idea of the complicated English passage or word a bit which is helpful to me. So i hope this will mitigate your Bangla to English translation problem.

N.B. Please take note that Google has include Bangla on its language translation service recently. To know more please read this post. Thanks 
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