Best way to lock folder in windows xp and windows 7 without Software

Hi guys if i am not wrong for locking a folder i had given a post few days ago but in that post i never show you how to lock a folder without any software.
So today in this post i am gonna show you how to lock any folder in windows xp and windows 7 without any software.

#In windows xp:
Okay lets say you want to lock a folder from your windows xp computer. Follow the steps below its so simple.
1.Create a New folder from any drive.
2.Copy something here what you want to locked or give password
3.Now right click on the folder and select send to compressed or zipped folder
5.Now a zipped folder will be created
6.Now delete the original folder
7.Now open the folder by open with zipped folder
8.Right click on the blank screen
9.You can see the last option is add a password to this zipped file
10.Select it and give password confirm it again
11.Now your folder will start processing add password in it
12.From now the folder is password protected
13.Now checked the folder you need to give pw to open it.
14.You are done.

# In windows 7:
In windows 7 it is quite difficult to complete the process. However  i am showing you how to follow the process in windows 7 also.

for locking a folder by this process you have to create a bat file first. After creating this bat file, when you double click on it a new locker folder will be automatically created.

So whatever you want to locked or make password protected just cut and paste in this folder. Lets start:
1.Open a notepad
2.Insert this code here.If the code could not be copied download from  here to download the lock code.

3.Save the file by any name for example :abc.bat before save change the red color type your password here with your any password that you choose.
4.Now you can see a bat file has been created
5.Double click on it
6.A new locker folder will be created
Note:the locker folder will be created -where you save the bat file. So if you want to create a password folder in drive D for example so save the bat file in same drive.
7.Now cut and paste your things into the locker folder
8.Now open the bat file
9.A black dialog box will pop up here. you will be asked wheather you want to give password or not. Y/N click on Y and give the pw which you type on bat file.
10.Now the folder will be locked and hide.
11.Now you want to return back and unlock the folder
12.Just click on the bat file and give pw the folder will appear again
13.Tested the bat file giving wrong pw the locker folder will not open.
So from now you can secure your private data without any software.LOL
Note:Don’t keep the bat file at the same place where you locked the folder. You can keep the bat file in any other place also.This bat file is very important. Don’t delete it. In case this file is being deleted by mistake then you have to create a bat file again in same direction with same name and password. Then you can recover your locked folder again. So keep the code in safe place. Otherwise you can change the bat file name by exe so that everybody would think its a executable file.Just rename it by exe.So nobody can see your bat file anymore.
I hope those tips will be helpful to you to locked any folder without any Application software. This method can be used in windows xp vista or 2000 also. So just try it and if you have fallen any problem feel free to make a comment here. I will try to reply the solution. enjoy folder locking.

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