Download More than 300 Ebooks Free Get Website List

Download More than 300 Ebooks Free Get  Website List
If i am not wrong this is gonna be 300 post for this blog at we have been giving you free tips about computer, Internet and web related stuff for the last of three years. Now its our 300 post, so i was thinking to share with you something different in this post. You know knowledge is power and without reading book you can not increase this power.
So when  ever you got time to read ebook, you must utilize the time to reading and gain knowledge. But it is quite time wasting in online for searching free ebooks to read from online. Don’t worry, guys i have found a nice website which is called is giving you the best free ebooks download sites details . So here i am gonna add this page so that you can easily find free ebooks to download or read yourself easily.

Download More than 300 Ebooks Free Get  Website List

In this list you can download free ebooks that range from Romance to Horror, Sci-fi to Historical Fiction. They are also available in PDF, text, doc and the crowd’s favorite ePub version. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 20 additional places you can download free ebooks from.

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1. Kobi Free eBooks link not available will be update later

Kobo has over 1 million free eBooks. Simply browse through the selections and you can be reading an eBook within minutes! For free selections, filter your results by selecting “Free Only” from the pull-down menu.

Kobi Free eBooks

2. Free NOOK Books ( link is dead)

Find free ebooks in NOOK books and apps format, provided by Barnes and Nobles. You will be spoiled for choice from the more than 1 million free ebooks available in 8 subjects including biographies, mystery novels, romance and religion.

Free NOOK Books

3. Free Microsoft eBooks

Find an amazing array of free Microsoft eBooks brought together to one single place. Find books on Windows 8, Office 2010, SQL Servers, SharePoint and more. Not satisfied? Then check out its second collection here.

Free Microsoft eBooks

4. eBookMall

Many of the free eBooks here are only free for a limited time, mostly as special promotions, so download them while they are still available. This list is updated with new selections daily.


5. Open Culture

Find over 350 ebooks with great works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry for free.


6. eBook Junkie

eBook Junkie offers over 9000 ebooks available for free download. The library is loaded with many marketing, romance, medical, and other free ebooks in pdf format. Read the books online for free.

eBook Junkie

7. eBooksFree

Here you can find hundreds of eBooks for free: no fees, no upgrades required, no charges, period. Now don’t say that you don’t have a good reason to read no more.


8. BooksInMyPhone

Read free ebooks on your mobile phone and carry a library in your pocket with BooksInMyPhone.


9. Bibliotastic

Bibliotastic offers free ebooks which are published by independent authors. You can download the ebooks for free in PDF, ePub and Kindle formats.


10. Docstoc

In Docstoc, you’re able to search over 20 million professional documents in PDF, Word and Rich-Text format which are shared by a user-generated community. Find and download your required document for free or upload your own documents to share with others.



Get your free computer and programming books here. Download books in software engineering, developing for Android and iPhone, computer science, web design, and others in PDF format, or just read them online.


12. Bugabong is where you can download free ebooks with resell rights. Bugabong bought books sold on eBay and shares them with their visitors. They post these ebooks on the site so visitors are encouraged to check the site every day for resale opportunities.


13. ePubBooks

Not keen on looking through individual sites that serve only particular ebook formats? Then, run your searches through ePubBooks. Your search results will be curated for you and you get direct links to download or buy your ebooks. Search books, comics and graphic novels for Android, iPads, Kobo, Mac or PC among others.


14. The book Depository

The Book Depository offers over 11,000 ebooks for readers to discover at no risk. Find children’s books, anime/manga, medical ebooks, art and photography as well as educational resources etc here.

The book Depository

15. FreeeBook4u.Net is a great source for free eBook downloads, of a large range of genres: biochemistry, cooking, cryptography, romance, just name it, the site probably has it. You can also request for your ebook titles you need here.


16. eBook-cafe

Serving classics already in the public domain, eBook-cafe allows you to explore classic literature unabridged. These ebooks are easy to download and can also be read on the browser. All the books can be read and reread multiple times with no restrictions.


17. The eBook Directory

Download any 20,000 free eBooks here without even giving your email address or registering. All ebooks on the site are free to download.

The eBook Directory

18. Martview

Martview features tons of free magazines to download from but you have to use the martview reader to view them. You can download the reader at the site and start viewing your magazines in no time.


19. Smashwords

Smashwords provides an opportunity to discover new voices in all categories and genres. Once you register, the site offers useful tools for search, discovery and personal library-building. Most of their books are affordably priced, and many are free.


20. Techno India

This website is for downloading free books with an educational focus; find books in engineering, MBA, IT/Computer, IT Certification, and even free software.

Techno India


Here are a few more sites to download free ebooks from.

  1. – Search Amazon Kindle ebook titles with “$0.00” and a list of zero dollar Kindle ebooks will be displayed for free download. (This trick is not available for Asia & Pacific visitors).
  2. OpenPDF – is a search engine and online viewer for ebooks in .pdf file format.
  3. eBooks Cool Collection – Ebooks cool collection offers free downloads of ebooks from different categories.
  4. Free Book Group – A free ebook resource for books about business, entertainment, medicine, language, literature, science and more!
  5. Fribooks – Free ebooks available for download
  6. JustFreeBooks – With JustFreeBooks you can find all sorts of free books: public domain texts, open books, free audio books, ad-supported books and more.
  7. Library of Doom – There are a total number of 517 books. The site links to free e-books available on other sites on the Internet.
  8. mphOnline Free eBooks – Find over 200 ebooks for free download, provided by mphonline.
  9. Free Ebooks Library – Find ebooks available under free licenses such as GFDL, Creative Commons license, Project Gutenberg-tm License, and other free to use and distribution licenses


The more you read the more you learn. So we believe in this great article searching for free ebooks and ebooks website list can be end. If you read this page and bookmarked it i hope you do not need to wasting of time in online for ebook searching. In our next article we are gonna post about free audio book website list and more. If you have any more great free ebook sites which is not include here, can be add by your comment. I hope you enjoy reading our blog. Thanks

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