Capture Unlimited music From Live Streaming Radio

Are you online music lover? 

For few days i was looking for live streaming online radio. And from giant search engine Google i have got my search results. More over i was looking for capture unlimited music what ever i listen from free streaming live radio stations. And all thanks goes to Google search engine that today’s post will mitigate my all kinds of those expectations.
May be all of you now become fan of online music. If you are a online music lover and love to listen music on streaming radio then this post will help you to find best software to capture the live streaming music and also you will be familiar with some great free online music radio stations sites. So why late here we go:

Top 7 Live streaming websites:

Bangla radio sites:

I hope from now you can listen worldwide radio as well as bangla radio but if you want to save the streaming song how you will proceed? yes that’s very tricky.  its very easy just follow here:

How to capture online music to computer in mp3 format?

its pretty simple just go this site freecorder and install this toolbar to your browser. It can captured the music in mp3 format and the sound quality is like original music. I hope that you should not miss it to capture your favorite online Radio songs. For recording you select only “Record From Freecorder Audio Driver” other check box just remove the arrow sign because  if you select them also it will not record music correctly.

Internet now a days become a soul of entertainment. You cant find any single amusement thing which is not included here. Day by day Internet is increasing the categories of entertainment and we are getting involved on it with huge expectation and joy. for the enhancement of online streaming the prosperity of advertisement has become more larger than before. We should welcome it.


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