Escan a on demand antivirus (free download)

Every Internet user knows how much troublesome it is when a pc got virus.It is very little bit difficult also to remove virus when a pc got affected by virus.Actually Internet is the most common reason to spreading virus to the computer.who use Internet, virus is the first target for them.virus is rapidly building  up only on  Internet.

virus not only make your pc slow but also it can steal your very valuable data.
so please to protect compuer & internet

for protection of your computer you can use e scan. This is very good tools specially for protection of Internet virus.
How i got & install it?
here is the link to download this software.Before Install escan Remove previous antivirus.

note:National bank ltd. bd use purchase version of this software.
size: 70 .25 mb

download link:click here to download escan
download a very good antivirus.Because in anytime you can affected by virus sorry not you,  your pc

off topic:But if you are a free user so you can use clamwin, because it is open source.

Author :faridul islam

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