Prevent virus from pen Drive

You are not using are a offline user.But you have virus in your pc.Do you know how rapidly virus can attacked a pc even it is not connected to the Internet?yes it is possible if you use pen drive in your if you want to get rid of this situation I mean want to get rid of from virus and want to use pen drive without any tension how you can do that?yes you can do that for this you have to off shell hardware detection .so cd-roms dvd/roms or pen drive will not active play now there is no way to get virus from your pen drive.

Attention please:Before using a pendrive do not open it with double click .If you want, open it with right click -if virus still there it will not open.

How I off shell hardware detection ?: To off shell hardware detection go to control panel >administrative tools>services chart>select shell hardware detection>then go to properties >disable>stop.
Author:faridul islam

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