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Ya today I am gonna share very small tip about facebook Application.  You know many people uses facebook and facebook has a lot of Applications. Recently one of my friend told me he has faced problem using facebook application and don’t know how to delete that. Now he wants to remove but for his lack of experience in facebook and new in facebook he was unable to remove application. At last he emailed me to help him about this matter. So I gave him the solutions. Now today I am gonna share that tip for all of my facebook lovers .

In many times you subscribe various application in facebook some time you got invitation from friends or some time you subscribe for the application yourselves. But after subscribe the application when you are going to use that application you see this is one of the worst application in facebook. So from that time you feel to delete that application but you can not delete .how you can delete or remove facebook application you don’t know. Now you can solve this problem after reading my post. Here we go just follow this instruction –

how to delete facebook application?

Click to settings>application settings
Such kind of box will appear.
In generally by default its shows recently added application .now follow the red colour circle and select authorized such kind of  box will be appear

Now this is the important part. you can see a lot of application here.(if you added only) so if you select any of the application it will be removed from your profile tab, profile box, info section etc. this application will be removed from all sections of your facebook where it was added so you can get your lost space of your facbook page again.

Note: this is such kind of application which is not developed by facebook. There are default facebook applications also have which you don’t like. You can’t delete by clicking the cross button because here showing nothing. So to delete faebook default application such as video, photo link etc click the blue colour box and a new dialog box will appear now go to the left bottom of that page click remove application .click ok. Now that  application also is removed from your facebook page. So today you have learned how to delete any application of facebook. So from today which application you don’t like much just straight ways go to delete and enjoy using facebook.

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