Is it possible to log in facebook without Email adress?

    Hi everybody, Today I am gonna talk about a very simple tip about Facebook.I have already shared how to hack a facebook Account?  Today I am gonna say another tip which would be very helpful to the facebook user. Yes for a crazy facebook user it is very troublesome to log in facebook every time using email Id.Because when every time you need to log in facebook you must need to give your Email Id.So it is little bit annoying for you to do that.You may want to know now Is it possible to log in facebook without Email Id? Yes it is possible.You can log in facebook but you don’t need to give your email Id.How you can do that?If you want to know just follow this instruction It is very easy.

Is it possible to log in facebook without Email id?

  1. first of all You have to log in your facebook account giving your email id and password.
  2. then Go to settings
  3. account settings
  4. click user name
  5. now click change your user name
  6. click more
  7. give your desired  name 
  8. now log out from your facebook account
  9. now log in again with your user name here you no need to give your email id just give your user name and password
  10. now you can log in .you are done.

so I think from now you can log in facebook without your email Id.If you think You should change your password, it is also possible but be careful to remember the new password.

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 Author:faridul islam
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