Facebook and twitter marketing tips that you must know

I am using Facebook and twitter for the last of one year only.I don’t have much friends on Facebook and twitter.But what I really feel to say that In this world not everybody like to use facebook or twitter for earning money in online.They don’t have any intention of making money or marketing using this social networks.But they like to use facebook and twitter for other things.This is the point.How many people are like to communicate with his closed body via social media? how many person think this media is the only way to connect with properly?How many people think why he or she will carry on only with facebook and twitter?I have some new things to say to all of you.Facebook and twitter is not the only social networking sites in online.There is a lot of sites also have which are using by so many people around the world.But from that Facbook and twitter user is most.Why people are more reliable on Facebook and twitter? than the other social media sites?This questions answer I don’t want to tell you but If you check or search on online You can get the answer very easily.Why you use facebook?you may answer I use facebook for connecting with my friends, family, colleague etc.So that means you want to continue chat with them and facebook is giving this facilities to you.More over not only for instant messaging but also you can share photo, play games and give comment on others .Most important is you don’t want to keep you off from online.You want to keep yourself updated all the time .and Facebook is the system which is helping you to do so.Now come to the point Is it really compulsory for you to use facebook ?I must say no .You can use other system to connect with .such as yahoo, google talk specially when you like to chat only because using yahoo messenger or google talk you can not get more facilities as facebook.Yes so it is very clear now why Most of the people uses facebook.I can give you a list
why I am using Facebook? here:
1.To make online marketing.
2.To connect with friends family, new people.
3.To share my photo easily
4.To store my photo
5.To having fun with playing games
6.To update my blog and web
7.To Discuss with pc problem with friends
8.To share my ideas with friends
9.To keep me update all the time
10.To know the update news around the world
11.To make fun with friends
12.To kill my leisure time
13.To searching people
14.To keep me updated with everybody.

Now please check here the first point is to make online marketing.Yes This is the point  that most of the people would be agree with me that There is none but few who do not want to earn money in online.So if you have same view like me you must know some tips how you will promote your home business via facebook and how you will start from facebook?

This tips will help you more easily to generate people and encourage them to make friends to you and start home business to you.
Firstly what you should do is Change your mind that you will not idly pass time in facebook playing games or chat with friends.
Secondly, Make change your profile, set your profile most attractively and give some description of your business type and ask people to share with you.
Thirdly,find people with  the searching bar on the home page who are having home business and carry on business successively
Fourthly,after finding people as your same niche try to add them as your friends and contact with them as soon as possible
Fifthly,promote your page with facebook advertisement so that people can easily find product or goods through the page with your business advertisement product
Sixthly,Established online connection with them who are like to work with you, so call them or email them and set up business
I think if you follow those tips You can able to find people on Facebook who are currently running online business.There are a  lot of user who currently doing home business via facebook and making online marketing, earning money using social media.but above all what you should try to do first add more friends according your niche and try to regular connection with them.

I hope with this post I am able to understand you  even a bit how to make online money using facebook and twitter.So don’t waste time start doing now I wish your success.
Author:faridul islam

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