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Hi Guys, My previous post I talked about how to import blog to facebook Today I am gonna share you how to import blog post  to Twitter .

 It’s a good news that you can import your blog post to Twitter..If you are a blogger and if you want to post your blog content on Twitter then this post will help you .

To Activate this Facilities go to and Log in Burn a feed right this instant .Type your blog or feed address here:write Feed link or site address click next>select feed tittle, feed address (Automatically open)Edit here as you want, click next >Finish to add Feed in Feed burner.Now click next in two times & The main page will open.Now go to publicize tab select socialize at the left panel of the page.Click Add a twitter account, give user name & password and click allow.Select the formatting option, lastly Select Item as you wish -click Active This facilities will be activated.
From now if any new post or article published in your blog, the post will automatically will be import to your twitter That means If you have more friends of your twitter page, your post would be visible to them.So it is a very important  fact now having more friends.If you less friends try to increase it.So That’s what is your site and twitter page both can be updated with the same time by this feed burner facilities.I hope you will enjoy this post and from today will open a feed straight away.

On the twitter page the post will come with headline so to read full post click the short URL

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