Facebook shortcut Keys For New Facebook users

Are you new facebook user? Well, In our everyday computing there are many task need to do by shortcut ways and for finishing  the task faster, shortcut key is the best. We use many short code in windows. To get facebook task more faster you can look for this facebook shortcut keys too.

Yes the old facebook users and who are expert in computing may be know about it but for beginners facebook users will get huge benefit from this small tip. You can use this shortcut key to run facebook more faster and easily as well as windows.

Facebook shortcut Keys For New Facebook users

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Facebook shortcut keys:
To send  quick message to someone , you can use facebook short cut keys. On the other hand you can do others task in facebook faster if you know about shortcut method.
  • Using FireFox to send Message :
  • Using Google Chrome to send message:
  • Using Microsoft Internet explorer to send Message in facebook:
  • To see new friend request and friends suggestions
  • To go to notification page
  • To go to account settings page
  • To go to privacy settings page
  • To go to official Page

So I hope guys,  with this small tip you can use facebook more easily and smartly. If you like this tips give us a comment .

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