Facebook Status Update Download Apps That You Can Use

Facebook a word that everybody is very familiar with it. Almost all of you have Facebook. In facebook, the most common task that all of we are doing is called status update. But what if we have so many status update and we want to see them in all with a one page as it is not shown to you by a single click. Yes i am talking about downloading of all your facebook status update for reading whole update message that you have been completed for a time being. So may be the status update is many and you want to see them all? How can you download all your facebook status update?

Facebook Status Update Download Apps That You Can  Use

Its not so tough actually to download all facebook status update even whole facebook information but for only downloading all facebook status update, you can use a nice apps in your facebook application pages. Just go to facebook apps page and find this apps is called :  http://apps.facebook.com/mystatusesThis application will download all your facebook status update since 2008. If you have facebook account since 2008 So guys if you are looking for downloading all facebook status update  then just install “mystatues’ apps and hopefully you can download all your facebook status. Now lets see How can we download facebook entire facebook status update? Its very simple after allow this apps to your facebook application pages , You can see all your facebook history messages. Accordingly oldest to newest or newest to oldest. So guys have fun with old facebook status update and reedit your thoughts using facebook status update for future. 

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