Fast file copy for windows

If you ask me what is the best way to send any file from PC to another media, i would say tera copy. For fast file copy in windows, tera copy is the best free utility that can copy any large kinds of file very faster. Not only for copying file faster but also it has great ability to move whole hard drive to another PC or external sources.
So you may now ask me what is the other benefit of using it? Well there is quite number of good benefits of using tera copy such as

It has the ability to move pretty large file even more 20gb It has pause option that means for any large file to copy You can pause and resume according to your favour. Tera copy is free utility and you don’t have to worry for registration It has fastest speed while doing copy file It can skip error or corrupted file  while copying and after finish copying will show you the skipped file details for alternate copy. Tera copy is very easy to use and it has shut down the PC option after conclusion the copying file. So guys i hope you will be very happy to have tera copy in your windows.  So don’t try to make any hesitation to download best ever fast file copy free utility Tera copy. Download link: Tera copy

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