Can I use fring in my Notebook or Desktop Pc?

Fring is a mobile based conversation tools that only run with mobile. It can support all kinds of mobile version which are called smart phone such as Nokia, samsung, motorolla, Iphone etc. Here i need to mention why most of the people are using fring because by using it you can voice call fring to fring without costing any penny.
It is absolutely free to voice chat using fring. What you need just wifi or Internet enabled in your mobile device with installed fring. But if i have Internet in my PC and mobile dont have then is it possible for me to run fring? Okay guys for these issue i have given  a nice solution here.

Can I use  fring in my Notebook or Desktop Pc?

How can  I use fring  in my notebook or desktop PC. I’m using fring in my mobile. But I want to use it on my PC. That is why I was searching online how can I use it on my notebook or desktop PC. At the end of mine search I have found that it’s not possible to use on notebook. So  I am looking for any  alternative way of using  it. So I have got an idea to use fring on my mobile while it has no Internet connection. well, what i did , describing here: First of all, i manage share Internet connection in my mobile. Then i open Internet connection on my mobile. And after that i can easily run fring. But you need to know how to share Internet connection in mobile from laptop?To do that you must have a rooted phone. Download virtual router from here. Installed it and run it. On wifi from your mobile. Go to settings in advanced tab write these following code :  You don’t need to change any code in virtual router but from mobile just do the following :

  1. Go to Settings> Wireless & Networks> Wi-fi Settings
  2. Open up Advance settings menu
  3. Select checkbox showing [Use static IP]
  4. IP address (  in to Ip Address field
  5. Enter in your own IPV4 Address ( in to Gateway field
  6. Enter (255. 255. 255. 0) in Subnet mask field
  7. Enter your Internet connection’s DNS server into DNS1 & DNS2 fields.

 I have given above settings from Samsung Galaxy ace phone. Note that all phone settings may not be same. save it. Now it will connect to the PC within a very short time.

Update:Okay dear readers You can install fring on pc now. Just read How to install fring on pc

That’s all.

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