How to Deactivate Facebook Timeline most Easy Way

Most of the people now are looking for get rid of facebook timeline. i personally are not using timeline. Yesterday i received a message in my email inbox one of my friends ask me how to get rid of timeline. Actually since timeline was beta mood anyone can remove or activate it. But currently facebook made timeline permanent.

How to Deactivate Facebook Timeline most Easy Way

So at this moment if you have timeline apps in your profile unfortunately you can not deactivate it. But if you really doesn’t like timeline then i Can tell you one method Which will require to delete your account. Now if you wanna take that risk just delete your facebook account then open again. now lets say you have a lot of friends  in facebook info photo and if you permanently delete your account. so in this case you can backup all your facebook information even your friends list. for doing facebook backup check this post. now after successfully backup you are ready to delete your account. how to delete facebook account ? go to this link then delete facebook forever. after that you can create a new account with the same user name or email id. when you will made a new facebook just import all your info here. that’s all.

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How to Deactivate Facebook Timeline A Must Read Post

You know very well that Facebook Timeline is now available to use for all. You don’t have to add it any more from Facebook apps. More over you are not allow to remove or deactivate timeline. When it was beta version, everybody can remove or deactivate very easily.
But unfortunately the current facebook user, if you have it already then its not possible to remove timeline from your profile. But actually all we know that its not gonna be happened again, most of the facebook user don’t like to have timeline on their profile. Timeline have made their facebook profile sucks. So therefore everyday many people search online How to get rid of facebook timeline? I am so therefore feel for them very much. And personally i have got many emails from various facebook users to provide them any alternative solution of it. Actually Here I am giving you a solution today. On my previous post i wrote how to deactivate facebook timeline probably now will not working anymore but today’s solution will be a huge relief for those who like to get rid of facebook timeline without deleting their own account.
So lets start

How to deactivate Facebook Timeline again with New interface

For FireFox users:
1.Download a addons : User agent Switcher From FireFox add ons search bar

2.Type :User agent Switcher after it install and restart FireFox.

3.Now if the ad ons icon are not shown on the navigation bar go to options> Toolbar layout find the user agent switcher drag it to the left navigation bar.
4. After set on the navigation bar right click on the icon of add ons   Select Internet explorer 7 Go to log in to your account .

5.Check your profile. See the difference. You have successfully changed your facebook profile interface.
For google chrome:
1.Select properties from right hand side button on google chrome

2.Now find the target box from the shortcut menu
3.Now write this code on target box –user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)” ( for windows7)–user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)” (for xp)

4.You must need to write the code after giving space from chrome exe
5. Now click OK and apply
6.log in facebook. There is no timeline interface anymore.
7.You have successfully removed Timeline

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How to Deactivate Facebook timeline?

Guys its pretty good having various format of profile in facebook. Even its a beta version , most of the users already activate it  from facebook developers apps and you know facebook now has become everyday activities for us and we cant live without it even a single moment.
So that means i am sure you too have facebook and are enjoying various facilities in facebook. In recent time facebook has launch timeline service in facebook profile. using this service you can change your profile outlook in facebook and easily can design your profile very smartly. Even you have such kinds of facilities but some of the user don’t like it. They like to deactivate timeline and get back into old profile interface. So may be you too like to deactivate timeline. Do you know how to deactivate facebook timeline? Today i am gonna show you how to deactivate facebook timeline?


Unfortunately this post method will not working anymore, it was working while this apps was beta mood, but its now integrate with facebook and not working but for those crazy facebook users who like to deactivate timeline, i highly recommend to read this post

How to Deactivate Facebook timeline?


1. Login to your facebook profile
2. Go to facebook developer page:
3. Select the app from the left menu which you created while activating the new facebook timeline feature
4. click “Edit App” from top right As show picture below:

5. on the edit app page, select “Delete app” from left menu (last link)
As shown the picture below:

6.and confirm delete Clcik on confirm as shown picture below:

You are done.

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