How to block a certain user website With K9 web protection?

Hi guys i had given a post few days ago about blocking website without any software. But this article was not so understandable for normal internet users. That’s why few days later after published this article i received a mail from a reader of this blog .
What he wrote on his mail is

“thanks bro.
i want to block certain website for my younger brother.but i uses windows 7 64bit and both me and my younger brother have there one user account how do i block facebook on my brothers account.can you help me.”

So i did reply that email its not a hard task to do that. For this reason i am writing this post so that he can resolved his problem and the person who are looking for blocking certain user’s website this article will be very helpful to do so. Here we go:
Actually for blocking any website you have to install a software which is called k9 web protection. Here i like to say that if you are the admin users of the computer and would like to block website from others users account then you have to install k9 web protection with log in as admin and after successfully installed k9 , you have to go the settings options and from there you have to write down the website name which you want to block. So lets download it from its Home page. You will be  given a serial number to your given email address while you download it. So download and install. Please remember that when you have to installed this software, you have to remember the password. The password is very important, every time while you like to change any settings of this software, you have to log in using this password. More over if you don’t like to use k9 any more than you have to provide password for uninstalling also. So the password is very important to remember.

How to block a certain user website With K9 web protection?

One more thing which i like to say that don’t share the password with any one. You should keep it secret. Because if you told the password to others then he or she will able to delete the block website and can be browse block website easily. So three things you have to do here is:
1.Install k9 only yourself. As admin
2.Go settings and add block website name
3.Remember the log in password
Here i have given example after installed k9 how to add block website name and change the settings options.
I hope you have installed k9 successfully. Click on set up options now: Click on website exceptions

On the right hand side you will see two options: always block and always allow list
give the block website name at always block website corner box then click on add to list. You will see the website name at below: Here i have given for example

you can add as many website as you can
Now just click on the save button. You are done. Now if any other users account from this computer want to go to they will not see the website. They can not use facebook anymore due to k9 web protection already block it. Now for example you want to log in so how to browse at now? Don’t worry , you know the k9 log in password right? Just log in here and go to web site exception and just remove and click save. You will be able to log in facebook now. After finish browsing you have to go to k9 again for block it again. This is how you have to follow all the time if you like to block a website from all users account or any certain user.
I hope this article will be very helpful for those who are having more than one user account on their PC.
 Have a nice day!

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