How to write bangla on android mobile?

 Bangla typing on mobile is very easy now. You can type bangla in android mobile with mayabi keyboard. For android market its very available now. Your bangla typing experience will gear up if you just install mayabi keyboard on android phone.
Some days ago it was quite difficult to write bangla on mobile but for the android market it become very easy already. i have Samsung galaxy tab and i recently just install mayabi keyborad and typing phontic bangla very easily.

How to install mayabi Keyboard on Android Mobile?

Go to market search for mayabi bangla keyboard. after searching it will show up on your phone apps list. just press and install. after successfully install go to phone settings choose language and keyboard as mayabi keyboard select input method is mayabi keyboard

 Now you are ready to write bangla on your phone. go to any writing application such as Memo or Catch. and start typing bangla. you need to use phonetic typing

To write in Bangla, tap the key labeled Bangla. Now start writing using phonetic conventions. If you want to wite আমার সোনার বাংলা, type ‘amar sOnar bangla’  and that will be converted into Bangla text.

The Bangla font rendering on Samsung Galaxy Tab is still not perfect. You will see many characters not shown properly. However, if you send this text to other OS, say post on blog and Linux users see this, they find the fonts OK.

If you do not like phonetic typing, you can use fixed layout. Multiling keyboard has a fixed layout for Bangla – but I am not sure whether you will like it or not. I could not use that ‘new’ layout. So far, Mayabi Keyboard is the easiest solution for Bangla writing till today. Many thanks to developers of Mayabi Keyboard.

Note: I have tested this apps only on Samsung Galaxy Tab root . You must have update version of Samsung mobile to write bangla perfectly.

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