How to block facebook ads?

 You know that recently facebook is displaying too many ads on its home page. The ads are not unnecessary though. They target to show ads according to the users profile choice. But it some time can disturbed you to read status update and all the notifications.
So if you really want to block the ads from facebook or you want to use your facebook out of annoying ads then you have to do some changes in your browsers.

How to block facebook ads?

For example if you don’t like to see facebook ads or any sponsored ads just use a add ons and restart your browser. That’s all. I am using my facebook ads free too. Because i want to check my friends update with much more care and attentively so that i hardly miss any important news or status from my friends. So you might have been trying to overcome this in your browser too. Lets do it now.

You need to have Mozilla/Firefox – if you don’t have it – get the Firefox Web browser here: and install it.

1. Go here:
2. Click: Add To Firefox
3. Under the Tools menu in Firefox, select Adblock Plus
4. Click the Add Filter button
5. Copy and paste the following filter:*(social_ad)
6. Click OK
7. Copy and paste the following filter:*(social_ad_advert)
8. Click OK
9. Copy and paste the following filter:*(sponsors)
10. Click OK
11. Close Firefox, then open it and go to Facebook – Adblock Plus should block all Facebook ads
12. Also if you find an ad, just right click and ADBLOCK and it should disappear .You are done. If you like to read our blog post regularly just subscribe our rss. Thanks for reading.

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