How to chat Facebook, Yahoo and Gmail from One Messenger

What ever you said it is group discussion or chat we are all like to use gtalk, yahoo messenger or Facebook if i am not wrong… but if we chat in from only one messenger (IM) logging in with all accounts to chat with everybody how it would be ? It would be awesome, yes may be few days ago i had given a post about Multiple chat from one Messenger. On that post i told already pidgin is the number one solution for it. There are a lot of IM have in online but pidgin from me is perfect…

Why i have given this post again ? Today’s post we will learn How to configure pidgin account after downloading from Internet.

Download and Configure your Chat Accounts

At first download pidgin I have download it for my windows 7 OS offliine pidgin exe but for others OS you can download any version what ever you like. Before install pidgin you have to install gtk2 runtime without it you cant run pidgin from your PC. So download gtk2 and install it first.
Now rest of the work is very easy , press ctrl +A and click add button for adding yahoo and gmail account set up ( just give your username and password) But To configure Facebook account is quite different, So

How to configure Facebook  Account


You may finish yahoo and gmail account? Now add facebook. To add facebook you need your facebook user name. My facebook user name is faridislam ( , If you don’t have it create from here.

  • Press Ctrl + A and click add button
  • Protocol:XMPP
  • Password:FB password
  • Go advanced tab and unchecked Require SSL/TLS box
  • Now click on save button

You have successfully configured your pidgin set up. Now if you wish can add me also in facebook as your facebook friend.add me as friend

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