Manage multiple gmail Accounts just from One Gmail

Google has launched another tremendous gmail feature today. It is called email delegation. The feature will allow you to easily manage multiple gmail accounts so easily. You can manage all your gmail accounts from one single gmail now.

I hope with this feature any gmail user will be benefited there is no doubt about that. If you have 3/4 gmail id and you don’t have enough time to check all of them than this email delegation system may help you to read send or delete any information from only one gmail account. That means you are allowed to use other gmail id facilities from one gamil address. This would be your primary gmail id and you have to confirm your secondary gmail id by managing e mail delegation.under the account tab you can find “Grant access to your account” Here, you can add any other gmail account and later you can access from this current gmail id where you add them as your primary account.
Lets say you very seldom check your email then suddenly one day you will find one of your gmail account is out of order or stopped functioning by gmail team. So why u like to take this risk, use gmail delegation for using multiple gmail account today.

How to set up multiple Gmail account

Go to your gmail settings
Click account and important

Click add another account

Give your GMail Id

Click next step
Gmail team will notify you within few seconds.

You have to check your all your gmail  inbox for confirm your settings.
Check this video to learn more:Video for Gmail access

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