How To Create an Ebook For Free From Any Word Document

Ebook can be create from Microsoft word or open office word document very easily. If you like to create an ebook for free, i would say you have come to the right place for it. The process of creating an ebook is very simple.


How To Create an Ebook For Free From Any Word Document

 Before creating an ebook, you have to know what would be the format for that ebook which all kinds of electronics gadgets can be readable. In my opinion i must say that format is pdf format. Almost all kinds of electronics device can read pdf format file. So i think it is better for you to create an ebook in pdf format. Lets take a look how to create an ebook from word for free?
To  start up  You have to install Open from here. Its free to use.

After complete installation, Open a new word Document as picture shown above:

First of all create some pages and you have to use the free word document processing apps is open office. Org. So from here create your word document. You can make as much pages as you want. After finishing writing word document just go to on top of the tools bar and find “pdf” icon  and click on pdf.

The full document will be converted as pdf format. You can save the new pdf ebook on desktop like  i do. See the picture below:

Thus you can make an ebook from word document very easily.

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