How to earn more money on blogging by Google AdSense?

 Hi guys i am not willing to write about earning but for the sake of few friends and asking advice from them i am going to describe some point about online money earning via AdSense. This is gonna be my first off topic after long vacation.

How to earn more money on blogging by Google AdSense?

First of all i hope you have a very good website or blog with at least more than 100 quality content. If you have quality content on your site and you like to earn some money. So lets say you have got visitor from organic search results and this visitor are nearly 50 or 60 per day then may be you have a chance to get money by their click. If you have more visitor everyday then the chance of earning also can be increase. Its need time and you have to keep patience and some more you have to update your blog or website everyday.

The more quality content you have the more you have the visibility on search engine at the first page. If your site don’t have quality content and you never link your site with other website or blog then its not work for you to get money by your site. Most important part of your site is quality content. Then you must have a seo friendly template. Thirdly you have to share your post with all major social media sites and most probably you have to make all fan pages of your site. Don’t mixed your site with too many color composition. Check that all your post link can be easily accessible from your homepage.

You should have guest post for your blog to share with link and on that post you wrote such evidence that reader will be very convince to visit your site. Now a days to get number one search rank on google its very tough and competitive. You have to worked hard on this concern. Only making quality content but you don’t have many visitor also not effective for earning money. Many website owner is giving affiliate ads but you have to very careful on this concern that you are not breaking AdSense privacy policy by giving other sites ads. So there are many things depends for quick earning for example your site must be faster on loading and very user friendly. For better page rank you have to increase back link.

The more you have back link the more your site will be visible on search engine. Don’t use copy right content on your site. If you want to get quick earning from your site then you have to write the content which is based on recent matter. In online people like to get info for how to use facebook, or how to open a facebook account or currently people are looking for how to delete timeline so those are example how to promote search able article on newly blog or website.

At lastly what i try to say you have to write content based on google keywords tools. Here you have to visit everyday and research most searchable keyword on online. On this tool you can easily find out what kinds of keyword are people search most and which kind of keyword will give you how much money by per click. And last but not least that you have to use the Google AdSense code very cleverly. Such as 728×90 unit the option which you can place at header of your site and most of the people get success on this type of ads placement. So its very important to do experiment with your ads color, text, size of ads and perfect placement of your ads. Do integrate your AdSense with google analytics. Find out which type of post are giving you more money. So try to published that kinds of post more and more. One more thing which you have to remember that your analytics admin email and AdSense admin mail id should be same. Otherwise you cant get any benefit by integrating your AdSense with analytics.

So guys i hope on this article you have better idea and clear concept of earning money from AdSense. So best of luck and earn more money from online in everyday.

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