How to increase CPC for a new blog site?

Why decreases CPC and how to increase CPC for a new blog site?

First you should know about what causes CPC  decreases?

Here are some common reasons I am writing about why it happens.

  • CPC will get less if it shows the ad display of Low paying Advertisers.
  • Low paying keywords & low paying ad competition keywords will give you less CPC.
  • If the global Alexa Rank is not below 1 lac then CPC will get less.
  • If Asian traffic is high then CPC you will get less.
  • You will get less CPC if your site is not in product-based.
  • If your keywords are not in the Top Rank in Organic SEO then CPC will get less.
  • CPC will get less if proper ads optimization is not right (placement and size).
  • If you use more than 2-3 Ads then CPC you will get less.
  • If your content quality is not so good then you will get Low CPC.

Now, let yourself think, How to increase CPC?

So, Now I am going to write about it below:

What is CPC?

CPC is Cost Per Click, which is how many dollars you will get paid by per click from a visitor.

If you can increase this CPC rate, and the site visitor clicks a few ads then you could Still make good money from that.

Google Adsense CPC Rate is About $ 1.5- $ 1.25.

Suppose your CPC rate is 0.01$ then 100 clicks you will get 100*0.01 = 1$ and if your CPC rate is 0.20$ then only 5 click is 1$. I hope, You understand this math.

How you can increase this CPC rate How-to-increase-cpc-for-new-a-blog-site

  1. So, My opinion will be You should Block low paying Advertisers.
  2. Target these keywords with average CPCs 0.50$ – 1$ and select Ad competition Medium or High Keywords.
  3. Global Alexa Rank of the site should be below 1 lac then The expensive advertisers will come to your site.
  4. You have to Target Europe’s traffic so that The expensive ads can be displayed.
  5. Make you site on product-based.
  6. Try to keep your keywords in the Top Rank in Organic SEO.
  7. Use the ad unit at the beginning and at the end of the content.
  8. Use 2 ad units to increase CPC.
  9. Use regular good quality unique content on the site(SEO friendly Content).


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