How To Install Mac Osx Snow Leopard 10.05 without vt in Windows?

So you want to try mac OS x on your windows even you have not vt support in your bios. For those who like to run mac using virtual machine  must have vt in their PC or notebook. So if you asked me to install mac osx on your pc which don’t have hardware virtualization in bios. I must say big sorry for that. but if you have vt enabled and want to run mac ox using hardware virtualization Technology then i can say it would be possible.
But what i have the same problem on my notebook that never support vt also. So i am in a fix don’t know how to install mac on virtual box. At last i have found a pretty good site that says the possibility to run mac even vt is not found in hardware. So today’s post will be how to install mac in windows without vt lets go read here. Most of the new pc and notebook processors have the vt enabled option but for those who are using old pc unable to use newest mac version and the good news is you can still use old version of mac vmware image in vmware player. This version will never ask you to enable vt at all and you can try some mac apps in your windows so lets try to follow this instruction below:

How To Install Mac Osx Snow Leopard 10.05 without vt in Windows?

First of all , You have to download Mac OSx snow leopard 10.5 . You know its not be possible to get original mac osx without purchase from mac store but if you like to try alternate way then i think the best would be download it from any torrent sites. Just google it snow leopard 10.5 image download i hope you can find the link for downloading it. Any way if you have any complication to manage it just find it from here below link: Download the pre installed image One more thing if you don’t have torrent downloading client then probably you could not able to download using torrent link. So before search, download and install utorrent. Okay i hope you have got the mac osx image. Now You have to download vmware player 3 Its a free version just download it from here and install it. Well i hope you have got everything now for installing mac in your windows without hardware virtualization in bios. I am using accer 4736G series and i have not vt option in my bios. Okay lets see what three things you have : 1.Mac snow leopard image 2.Vmware player 3.7zip software Well, so go to the download location of your utorrent and find the image file. Its around 1.89 Gb and uncompressed it with 7 zip software . You have to extract all files . You can choose any places but i recommend you to extract to desktop creating a new folder by the name Mac Osx Open your vmware player now: Go to File > Open virtual machine Now Browse for ‘ Mac OS X Leopard ‘ VMX file Now You have to choose some settings changes clicking edit virtual machine settings as picture shown below:

machine  name FreeBSD Don’t do any more changes , only extend ram according to your system options if you have more memory then choose 2 GB for better performance

You have to set share folder option enable, if you like to use windows files as well The admin name and password is :Mac admin” “password”

So enjoy mac osx in windows without vt

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