How to install ubuntu 10.10 in windows 7 from a Flash Drive

If you are a windows user than it would be quite difficult for first few days to run Linux OS. But eventually when you become much more familiar with it ( only when if you try it as running on your PC as portable Linux then i think you can install it as 2nd OS for your PC.)

Ubuntu 10.10

I just installed ubuntu 10.10 in my computer and it seems to be very good. I hope it will give me best facilities which i never get from windows. It takes  few minutes for installation. when install finish i check  boot up never takes so long time as windows. I am pretty much happy with it.

You may think why i will use linux ? But its a well known to everybody that linux has given vast facilities than windows. What is the key factor is linux runs process and software installation system is quite different from windows. More over Windows never allow any free software where linux has given free more over open source for everybody. So that’s the case everybody are not families with the system of installing and using of linux utility. Never mind for the expert user its a pretty simple task. And day by day linux popularity is increasing as windows. So to get huge benefit of linux OS you can install it too. 
Today, I am gonna show you how to install Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) via Usb flash drive.
Lets start:
What you need:
1.A flash drive (minimum 2 gb)
2.Ubuntu 10.10
3.UNetbootin for boot from usb

So firstly Download ubuntu from here or if you have it already then no need.
Download UNetbootin from here. This is a portable boot utility that will make your flash drive bootable from windows.
Now if you have completed download ubuntu then run UNetbootin it will run automatically no need any installation

Now select your distribution version name and locate iso file and lastly select OK button. The iso file will start to make it bootable from your usb.
After finish restart your windows. Here one thing is important that you have to boot your pc from usb so after restart select f12 or f9 every pc is not same to choose boot option.
so after boot from flash drive you can see ubuntu has started. Here you have to choose yourself do u like to use ubuntu without installation or with installation you can select without then ubuntu will start directly now if you want to install click on install icon at desktop.
Now the installation process will start. you have to choose before installation where you want to install ubuntu.
when you will select install it will ask you to choose where should you want to install for me i suggest you to choose {manually install}

Yes you have to create  partition of  your hard drive and make sure have enough space on it. initially it will take two drives but you have to choose swap drive according your ram speed.
lets see how to create partition:

Select “Specify partitions manually (advanced)” button mentioned in the last step. “/dev/sda” represents your primary hard disk and “/dev/sdb” represents your second hard disk only if you have one. Select the hard disk you want to install ubuntu. If you have no useful information or an OS in that hard disk, you can delete all partitions in that hard disk. When you delete partitions, it will show “free space”. Click on the “Add” button. In the new window, type 2048 in the “New partition size in megabytes” field and select the “swap area” option from the “Use as:” list. Click the OK button. Now, click on the “Add” button. In the new window, select the “Primary” option, input a value between 10,000 and 50,000 in the “New partition size in megabytes” field and select / as the “Mount point.” Click the OK button. Click on the “Add” button again and from the new window and select the “Primary” option, type in whatever space you have left in your hard disk in the “New partition size in megabytes” field. And select /home as the “Mount point.” Click the OK button. You are done with the hard part.

Click “Install Now” to proceed with the installation process.

Where are you?

Select An a appropriate time zone in your country from the world map and click “Forward”.
Keyboard layout

This window is for selecting your keyboard layout. Click the “Figure Out Keyboard Layout” button if you don’t know your keyboard’s layout. Click “Forward” to continue.

Who are you?

Here, you will have to type in your name, a username and a password. Please note that the computer’s name will be selected automatically and the password is a must! Click on “Encrypt my home folder,” to encrypt your Ubuntu 10.10 installation. Click ” Forward” and Maverick Meerkat will start to install.


Ubuntu is being installed and the window will show you many features of Ubuntu 10.10. The Maverick Meerkat installation process will take 10- 15 minutes according to your computer’s performance. When the installation is complete, it will ask you to restart the computer. After the restart, Ubuntu 10.10 will be ready to be used!

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