How to install windows xp on usb flash drive using portable virtual box ?

How to install windows xp on usb flash drive using portable virtual box software Guys i hope you know how essential a portable software is! The reason of using portable software on usb drive or any other external drive is to carry all essential program on the selected drive and run it without making any changes on the original operating system.
In this regard it never need to installed on the running OS but it can directly run and deliver proper function as full versions installed program does. So that’s why now a days portable apps become much more popular than installed apps. Today i am going to show you how to run windows xp on portable flash drive using portable virtual box The purpose of using portable virtual box is to bypass the direct boot from the cpu and run side by side using flash drive with another running OS. lets say if i directly want to use portable xp from my pen drive then i have to shat down PC and have to boot from flash drive but this time we don’t need to boot from flash drive. what we do is just install portable virtual box on flash drive and create virtual hard drive on the flash drive and after that just install xp on it. when need to use xp just on the power of portable virtual box and run xp without booting from flash drive or turning off pc. here we go:

Install a Portable Operating System in your Removable Drive

 we are going to use portable virtualbox to do this tricks. So we have to installed portable virtual in our flash drive first. We also have to have windows xp professional CD ready to install it on flash drive. First of all installed this software to your desktop. Open it and run it inserting your flash drive. Extract it to flash drive

:choose your flash drive letter after installed it will be shown like this below:

Now You have to click on portable virtual box exe Then you will see something like this,below picture , Give check mark for extract file  which version you like to use ,here i have chosen only 64bit don’t check 32bit if you are not using 32bit computer  That’s it. Click the “Download Installation file for Virtualbox” button. It will start download all files and autocratically installed in your selected flash drive.

After finish just click on portable virtual box icon and you are ready to go set up any operating system on it. You will see something like this

1.Now just click on new and choose  your Os name and click next  as picture shown below:

2.Select memory but you can change its settings later i choose 1600 because i am using 4 GB ram and click next

3. choose virtual hard disk check mark on start  up and click next

4.choose file type vdi and click next

5.Choose dynamically  and click next location for this you have to click on right side of the yellow box for choosing removable drive location

7.Change the drive letter according to your flash drive location and click save

 8.Click on the create button

You are done . You can see the portable OS are ready to install on the virtual hard drive just click on power on button as picture shown below and install windows xp as you installed on normal PC.

That’s it.


Installing windows xp on a external flash drive using portable virtual box. If you don’t like to boot windows xp from flash drive but in a running host pc then this process can be very handy to you to try xp but without effecting on original OS. There are two options to use xp on flash drive. use it as boot drive or use it as virtual machine. If you like to use windows xp directly on any third party PC then you have to installed xp on flash drive without virtual machine. so its up to you how you would like to use windows xp with your external flash drive. Well guys after following all those steps , if you are having any problem to create portable windows xp, just comment at comment section and we are ready to help you.

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