How To Lock Any Program in Windows?

Guys, May be you are using desktop pc with your family member. Some time for security purpose or protecting pc from any kinds of trouble, You may need to lock program. So that means if other person use your computer, he or she can not able to make any changes or run any program of your pc.

How To Lock  Any Program in Windows?

To Perform this task you have to install a software which is called  Program Lock Pro. Download link:Program Lock Pro. Features: Easy to install. After successfully installed it will run a text file where you can read some details how to use this software. It is very easy to use in all versions of windows pc. You have to register online for getting the pro facility. On the other hand its a freeware so no need to worry about file expiration. You can uninstall it too if you have found any problem while using this software. All kinds of program can be locked including AIM, Lock Outlook, Lock Word, Lock MSN Messenger, and more  Need to learn more just visit this

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