How To Make A Software Portable?

Guys, I am extremely sorry for the irregular blogging. In fact i should not skip by saying just only sorry but giving a appropriate reason for that, indeed there is a reason for this.
By the by i don’t wanna mention it here. It is complicated and i want to keep it secret. Well, guys i hope all of you are very well and enjoy reading this blog. Today i will discuss about How To Make a Software Portable?
You know, portable software can run by itself and there is no hassle for installation and very easy to carry and use it in any places. So if you want to know how to make portable software by yourself then this article will lead you to the that place for learning how to make software portable?
So you can easily use it in your pen drive or any portable devices without set up it or install the software. So guys i don’t wanna waste your time anymore lets find out How to make a software portable?

How To Make A Software Portable?

First of all, You have to Install a software in your PC. That is called Vmware thinapp. Download it.
Complete your installation. If ask for license key click here to get it.

Now open the software.

 Now  after open it click next then click on prescan see the image

After click on prescan it will start scan then minimize the software when scan finished.
Now you have to install the software which you like to make portable. for example i am making portable software of Microsoft office 2003 So i install it. If the software already installed in your system the you have to remove or uninstall it then need to install it again.
Now reopen the minimize software and click on postscan See the image below:

It will start post scanning and it will show all the files which you have installed recently in your PC. That means your recent installed software files.
Now give the check mark the files which you need and remove the check mark which files you don’t need.

i need  word, excel, access, power point so i give check mark only them see the image

Now click 7 time in next button and then lick save see the image

After click save wait for a while then click next see the image

Now click on build

Now wait for completing the last task and after few while click on finish button. After finished the task it will show a new window and from their you can move the software and can use it any pen drive or any portable devices. You have successfully make a software portable. How to copy this portable file? Go to Cdrive> program file>Vmware>bin folder
You can get the portable version from the bin folder too.

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