How To Set As Your Default Search Engine In Firefox And Google Chrome From Any Region?

I have been using Google as my favorite search engine for the last of five years. Until now it is my best search engine. But What is the clever thing that google is doing to you or me? When ever you typed in your address bar it will redirect to your regional google search home page.
That means lets say you are searching on google from Singapore the pages which appear is not like So it automatically redirect to your search region and will show you the results from that specific region like if you’re in Australia is; it’s in New Zealand; in the United Kingdom; in Norway, etc. Even if you type in you still get your local Google pages.

How To Set As Your Default Search Engine In Firefox And Google Chrome From Any Region?

So its time to Switch your regional Google search page to Why you will do that? First of all i will say you should not use local search engine as the results due to server issue. So when you get the results from your local server it may take you some sites which have suspicious sites with malware or viruses. On the other reason is you cant judge your search keywords position global rank. So i think you may get the point. You can switch to in your browser home page very easily. Where ever you stay or where ever you travel if you wish to use as your default search engine pages, you have to follow this steps which are given below:

From Mozilla FireFox: 
Go to Options then a dialogue box will appear
set your home page as
Then click OK. See the image below:

Here ncr means (ncr = no country redirect)

 How to set as Default search engine in Google chrome? 

Go to settings from the top right menu bar and go to start up Give check mark on Open a specific page or Set pages Click on the set pages and a new dialogue box will appear and here type then click OK. You are done. See the image below:

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