How to Submit Website to Google For Indexing?

How to Submit Website to Google For Indexing?


The best 3 Steps to submit your site to Google for indexing.

If you want to get traffic from Google, You must have to get indexed. Because, if Google does not know about your website, you are never going to get any search traffic.

So, Today I am trying to share with you how to get indexed in Google easily.

The first thing that you need to do is , You have to sign up for Google search console.  It is free service from Google  which  will allow you to take a look at  your website  that how Google views your website. They will give you an ignition  under their covering and they show you many things such as what types of errors you may have next and which pages are going to be indexed, which pages they are not indexing why, are they currently crawling your all pages etc. Because if they are not crawling your site which means they are not indexing on search results.

Secondly. You have to create XML sitemap.

If you have a WordPress blog this is very easy to set up. For this you can use the Yoast SEO plugging, because it will automatically create a XML sitemap for you. It is very spanking while you update you’re your website it will updates the sitemap automatically. Sounds Good, Okay?

Lastly, You have to submit the sitemap to Google search console and this way Google will continually read all the  updates that you are doing to your site and every time if  you add a new page, Google will know that and will make the essential changes.If you follow all these steps correctly you can index your website very easily.  Your new pages will be indexed to Google and you will get much more search traffic.

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