Link building ideas For new Bloggers

Link building ideas For new Bloggers to Setup High quality Page rank


Link building ideas For new Bloggers

Hello Everyone How is going? If you are a new blogger if you want to start blogging this article would be an important for you to get a lot repository information Link building ideas For new Bloggers if you follow everything step by step.

In my last article about blogging I wrote ”How to Start blogging with zero knowledge’’  and I told their about Link Building. Hope, it will be helpful.


Types of link building and ranking in search engine-

Black Hat SEO does not come up just as often as the link building talk comes to you when you are involved with SEO flames. Because everyone wants to avoid it. But most of the big online professionals who are involved with marketing, most of them are using Blackhat SEO to increase the quality of their site just like link building. But black  hat SEO is not mentioned in any online training center or video tutorial. Today I will try to share some link building and black hat seo ideas with you. Although there are many techniques of Black Hat SEO, it is not possible to say, as much as I am writing.

You might tell me what is link building? To know this before you need to know-

What is SEO?

Since link-building is part of an organization’s overall SEO strategy, we must first understand what SEO is. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of increasing traffic to your website by making changes and improvements to achieve higher rankings in search engine results. The more you appear in search engine results when people search for specific keywords, the more likely you are to click on a link to them and your website.

Link Building SEO

Link-building is another method to strengthen your website’s ranking in search engine results; Getting links to your website from other websites. You can Think of it as a kind of virtual street that connects a website to another website, with a link as the road that users travel from one point to another. If you are thinking about a blog post or article that you have read that features a link to another website, you will see about link-building.

To increase your brand awareness and achieving more conversions (new customers and sales) better positioning in search engine results , You must need link building.


There are three types of links in SEO :

  1. Useful Links for SEO,
  2. Malicious links for SEO,
  3. Links that search engine ignores.

Search engine does not use all links in ranking. Google and Bing clearly ignores many backlinks . Search engines will never tell you what links they are going to ignore. The search engine will tell you what kind of link they are manipulating and which is good for SEO as well as which has no effect on ranking. Search engine will further indicates which site is in the normal range and which site is over optimized by the link data.

Suppose, You did a link building with a word by anchor text.

For example we assume the word is “Cricket“.

Now if the article contains 5% of the word ‘’Cricket”, then it is OK, but if it is 30%/40% then the problem is Over-optimization which is not good to search engines algorithm. Search engine ignores these links and it is usually seen that buying a few paid links does not affect your ranking. If you have too many paid links, the search engine will consider this as a reciprocal link or a badge link. These have become a bit alarming since the Penguin update and search engines are active against negative SEO at all  times.

Now let’s know about some links:

Anchor text:


What is anchor Text?

Anchor text is a clickable text in a hyperlink. SEO best practices indicate that anchor text is more relevant to the page you are linking to than generic text.  Blue is the standard, underlined anchor text is the most common because of the web standard, although it is possible to change the color and underlining by HTML code.

Anchor text means the name of the link. For example, the anchor text of the link above is Facebook. Now suppose you enter the title of the link “Cricket”. This is the anchor text. Anchor text is good for SEO. Of course, it’s better than giving a link such as if you write “click here”.  It is good if you use the anchor text as H1 Tag in your site. Anchor Text is a good link building idea for new bloggers.


Reciprocal link :

A mutual link between two webmasters  is a contract for providing hyperlinks between your own websites on each other’s sites. This is usually done to provide readers with quick access to related sites or to show a partnership between the two sites. This is called reciprocal links. Now the thing is, will you keep this link or not? Search engine wants you not to keep. But if you get good traffic from those sites then you can keep it up.


Directory link :

A web directory or link directory is an online list or catalog of websites. Web directories provide links to a structured list for browsing more easier. Many Web directory  Combines searching and browsing to search the Web directory by providing a search engine .


Content link or blog network :

You may have heard of private blog networks (PBNs) before, but you can’t be sure what or why they are used. PBN is a network of websites that is used to create links in a single link (and therefore authority pass) for search engine ranking strategies. However, if you can go to a high quality blog network, where a true quality article is available, then it is good. Guest blogging is superb for link building.


Press release link :

Press releases are a way of distributing and announcing events to the press. Google defines them as “an official statement issued in newspapers for information on a particular topic”. Usually, they come in written format but they can also be in audio or video format.


Do follow Link :

What is a Do-Follow Back link?

Suppose, you want to give a back link from your website to another website. But you let Google crawl that website too And the way you create a link is called a do-follow back link. Do Follow Backlinks helps a bit for SEO. But for back link your site, try to keep 20%-60 %  do-follow backlinks.

Do follow back link code:

<a href=”” Topbestweb</a>


What is a no follow back link?

Another back link is no follow link. No follow backlinks are the opposite of do-follow backlinks. This means you will have to link the site but search engine will not be allowed to crawl the site through that link. That means, if there is no follow link, Google or Bing search engine will not enter the link.


Internal linking or inbound linking : When you write an article, try to link some of your previous posts in the new post. This is the internal link.  It means, linking your own site is an internal or inbound link.


Outbound linking or external linking :

When you are writing an article, it is important to write  very well. Writing a post requires a lot of analysis. If  you link to various sites related in your post, this is an outbound link. Many benefits of outbound linking. If you link an outbound link in your site, this is an evidence of analytical behind your post. Google will understand that you have done a lot of research and the price of the article will be much higher to Google. And Google will easily rank you. It will be good for other bloggers as well. So they will also back link your post on their post. There is also another benefit if your site is a WordPress site. If you give a back link to another WordPress site, the notification will be returned to the admin of that site so that they can understand and response the back link.


Conclusion :

I tried to clarify all the things easily about Link building For new bloggers. I hope by reading this article You have gained at least something new. If You don’t understand anything yet you can comment below and i will try to give my best answers.

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