How to use multiple xampp and Wamp server on Same pc with WordPress in same Time?

Hi guys what’s up, its pretty much enjoying now for web designers and developer to work in local environment. What if you like to use more than two or three localhost on your pc and use localhost server for creating various project .
Yes we know that for single pc on its Windows operating system we can only use one number of xampp or wamp  server for testing or creating localhost. It’s a just downloading from xampp or wampp and then just normal setup . But when you are going to install one more another software for creating localhost you can’t use both of them in a single time for port conflicts. So that’s why we can’t use more than one xampp or wamp same time. But today’s tutorial I am gonna show you how to use xampp and wamp server both in a same pc same time without Apache and MySQL port conflict.

How to use multiple xampp and Wamp server on Same pc with WordPress?

Let’s get started. First of all I would like to install xampp and wampp both in my c drive. Just follow the normal installation process. Let’s say we have done both installing .Now setup  WordPress with wamp. You should remember that setting up wordppress with xampp and wamp server must be one after another. While you will use xampp you can’t use wampp. So in that case we will configure WordPress xampp and wamp one by one and when xampp will be used wamp need to be closed completely. Well,  when  finish for WordPress setup then just change the Apache and mysql port number  xampp server. I hope that you know how to install WordPress on xampp. So that’s why I skip this method here. If you still don’t know then please read my previous article.Okay guys. Now its time to do our most critical thing. We no need to change both of the xampp or wampp port number because if we just change only one then we can run both xampp and wamp together without port conflicts. By this method we can use many local server with WordPress or joomla or any others CMS for testing in our pc without any localhost port conflict issue. Okay so for this reason above I mentioned , I m going to change the port of localhost and mysql for xampp. Wamp server port of Apache and mysql will remain same as default. Okay. Let’s get started. As we gonna change port for xampp so we will install wordpress after changes are done. Then we can use xampp and wamp both in same pc same time. Voila. Open our xampp. 

 To change port follow the steps:

1. Stop the xampp server, if it is already running.
2. Go to folder “C:xamppapacheconf”. (By default apache is installed in C folder)
3. Open the file httpd.conf.
4. Search the string “Listen” in the file.
5. Replace port number 80 to any other unused port number. For example we changed it to 1234.
6. Search for “ServerName” in the file.
7. Replace port number 80 to any other unused port number in the ServerName.
8. Save the httpd.conf.
9. Start the xampp server.

How to change the mysql port for xampp?

1. Stop the xampp server, if it is already running.
2. Edit the value to “port” in xampp/mysql/bin/my.ini 
# Password = your_password  
port = 3306 ---> 3307
socket = "/ xampp / mysql / mysql.sock"

and here also

# The MySQL server 
[ mysqld ]
port = 3306 ---> 3307
socket = "/ xampp / mysql / mysql.sock" Use notpad++ in My case it was five time to replace with 
33306 to 3307. 

2. Start mysql serviceThat’s all. Now go to your browser and type localhost:1234 press can see phpmyadmin is running. Now you can read this article to install wordpress as new port configuring.

 You can carry your local server on pocket by installing xampp portable version on your pen drive too. I will write about it in my next tutorial. Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment when you face any problem for using xampp and wamp with local environment for testing WordPress.

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