How To Reinstall or Refresh Windows 8

If there is a problem in windows 8, we need to reinstall windows 8 . You know if you reinstall windows 8, all   others settings will be affected. The good news is you can re-install windows8 keep intact desktop files with all others settings unchanged.

The settings with files will remain same but others program will wiped out . Even they removed you can still know what kinds of program were removed because after reinstall you will get wiped out program list.
The files name would be “removed apps” It will be stored in desktop as html format.

How To Reinstall or Refresh Windows 8

Now lets see How to Refresh or Re-install windows 8?
First of all, Press Windows key+C
Now click on settings and click on below change PC settings
From PC settings click at left hand side General then click Refresh your PC without affecting your files below

  • Get started options
  • Click on next
  • Now Windows will start to reinstall again and PC will be restart 

Now after that you have to configure so many things. If there is any files has been wiped out or missing then you have to insert windows DVD.
After completion of windows refresh you will see some old files . such as c drive windows.old To clean old files

  • Go to run
  • write cleanmgr.exe and press
  • Enter
  • and click OK on disk cleanup.

Now from here click on clean up system files. then File to delete ‘s select previous windows installations Checked and click OK then click on Delete files After that windows.old folders and all kinds of old system files will be wiped out.

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