How To Create Picture Password In Windows 8

Windows 8 comes out with many features. It has many built in function that ease the windows 8 users to keep away from installing third party software.
One of the feature about windows 8 is called picture sign in. In windows 8 you can log in with picture or pin number, so if you forget main password still can sign in using picture method or pin number.

How To Create Picture Password In Windows 8

First of all to create picture password press
Windows key+C or go to system trey, right mouse click below of it.

Here go to settings and click change PC settings

At the left hand side of PC settings Click on users then click at right hand side Create picture Password
Here write your present password press

Now from choose picture button select any picture and click open.

Here Select use this picture and place your mouse which three portion you like to use and create gestures or line then press OK
Do this same thing again and if both time you select correct part of picture gestures you will get congratulation messages.
Now press finish.
Now when you like to sign in computer you will get sign in options link. Click here and select picture password then put the mouse at pictures gestures or line. If you put in correct line the PC will be sign in. 

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