How To Trace Email Sender Location In Gmail,Yahoo,Live ?

Every email when it is sent from a computer has its own IP Address. Without this Internet email can not be sent to the recipients. So for this reason if any email reached to its recipient, he or she can trace the sender location by obtaining the respective ip Address .
This process need two things obtain ip address from email header section and look up the location of that ip address placing Ip location tracker sites.

So that means if you know the ip address, you can know where is the email come from too.

Why we need to trace email Sender location: ?

For a blogger its very important to know the sender location. Because everyday lots of mail need to receive and some time spam email fill up the email inbox. So a blogger must be clever to identify the right email by tracing ip address. Other purpose of tracing sender location are fraud email,threatening, cheating, black mail, won notifications, spam email etc . To make sure about the email that is not safe and not truth confirmation that is written on the body of the email. So after tracing the location of the email sender, can relief from anxiety, tension and extra pressure that boring a recipient after having such kind of false email. we can trace free web email such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft windows Live mail or Hotmail

How To Trace Email Sender Location In Gmail,Yahoo,Live ?

Now lets find out the Sender location of Gmail?

Log into your Gmail , open any email.
Click on the down arrow that’s to the email right of the reply link, choose show original from the list
Press CTRL+F and find “Received:from”
Here i need to tell you that you will get two “Received from” You should choose the last one which is farthest DOWN
You will see the IP address number here. Just copy it and Go to any ip address tacker sites for finding the location sender details. I recommend to you  are IP2Location and GeoBytes IP Locator.

How To trace sender location in Yahoo?

First of all , Log into Yahoo mail account
Go to mail inbox open any email that you want to find the sender location.
after open mail check at right hand side below “full Header” Just click on it another same new window will open and find “Received :From ” At the farthest down you will see the ip address

Now Lets find out How To trace email sender Location From Hotmail ?

Go to Hotmail page: Open and Log into Hotmail
Open an email from inbox
after open mail check that at the Right side corner reply option just click on it. Drop down menu will show up form it select “View message source”
after that another new open window will pop up.
From this window Find” Received: from ” At the last option near date and subject you will find the IP address over there.

look for Received: from followed by IP address within square brackets[].
* If you have multiple Received: from headers, eliminate the ones that have

Now lets check How To find the location: I choose here IP2Location 

Open this page and at the blank box just put the ip address number and click find
It will show you all the details as picture shown below:
I have got mail from my cousin to my yahoo mail as given below:

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