Ways to Get loan and Credit card most easily

In my previous post i had written about How to know which credit card can be best for me? Now you may understand and realize which credit card can be best for you. Lets say you are gonna take credit card now and you have been refused so what will be your feeling?
Not so good right? Yes today i am gonna write way of maximum chances of getting approved for loan and credit card. But do you know if you ask some one to loan some money to you and the person never give you the loan may be you will feel so bad right.
But why the person will give you the money if you are unknown to him or lender never know the reputation of that person’s paid back. So if this is the case what should you gonna do? You like to know what kinds of quality or virtue you should have to acquire for the approval of getting money right? Yes you must be:

  • Known to the lender
  • Good Reputation of paid back the loan
  • Owner of vast assets that can be higher price than your loan

So if you fulfill the above condition – I am sure you will gonna get the loan. Now this is the point a money lender is same as a credit card issuer. If you have credit card that means A credit card issuer issue you money as loan to you. You can use the credit card if you need to expense as much as you can. You no need to worry about the credit balance. You can get credit according your expense and you can expense any kinds of amount. Why? Because credit card is such card which card issuer will give you the facilities for expending money for the sake of high interest rate that will be charged from the card user. So that’s how a credit card issuer earn money with the Interest. So this is how a money lending business run. Now if the credit card issuer found that your ability of returning the money is poor and your credit score is not good Then the credit card issuer will never allowed you credit card or never issue you any extra creditable amount to your credit card. So in that case what should you do? Yes the condition what you need to fulfil are given below:

  • You must improve your credit score
  • You have to be alert paid the credit in right time
  • A renowned person who don’t have any bad record of bad debts which is very high amount

So after reading this post you may quite easily understand how and when you can get loan and credit card from third parties like a credit card issuer or Bank. Have a nice day.

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