Hybernate your computer within Few second

Lets say You are doing very important work in your pc and open a lot of programme at the same time one of your friends come to you and ask you to go outside.You are in a dilemma now can not closed the pc or go with your friend.Because if you shut down your pc all programme will be lost and it is very time consuming to get back all programme again .So what can you do now ? Yes you can go with your friend but you don’t have to worry about your work at all when you come back again you will see all the programme starting from when it was finished – If you Hybernate your computer you can shut down your computer  and enjoy with your friends at out side.
So when you on your pc again you will get all programme and you can resume your work from there.

How to Hybernate

Hybernate your computer
1.Go to start Menu
2.Click to control panel > power option
3.Then Click Advanced Tab
At the the last bottom when I press the sleep button on my computer’s drop down box – click here and select Hybernate 
Now when you press sleep button of your computer  the pc will shut down within in a second and when you on back again you will find all your programme in Resume mode.If you like this post
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author:faridul islam

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